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Aqua Research’s Mission

Founder Rodney Herrington shares his initial motivation for Aqua Research: the desire to use his deep knowledge of water treatment to help the people of developing nations. Since the company’s humble beginnings, we have applied the health and safety advantages of our technology to a wide array of applications, including hospital surface sanitation in developing nations, community water treatment, cooling tower disinfection, agricultural water treatment, and more.

NGOs help Aqua Research deploy its technology in developing countries

The Albuquerque Journal shares information on Aqua Research’s recent work in eight African countries: Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, Mali, Liberia, Zambia and Madagascar. According to the global nonprofit PATH, chronic disinfection shortages contribute to healthcare-associated infections that affect up to 28% of patients in Uganda. Pilot sites using the Aqua Research technology never ran out of disinfectant, allowing them to improve infection prevention and control. In addition, PATH estimates the Aqua Research system reduced chlorine costs by 29% per liter compared with commercial purchases. University of New Mexico engineering professor Ramiro Jordan says, “The product can have tremendous social impact. There’s a worldwide need for it.” Read more in the Albuquerque Journal article below.

Invest in Aqua Research

We are thrilled to share some exciting news — the opportunity to invest in Aqua Research through the equity crowdfunding platform Netcapital! For a limited time, ANYONE can become a stakeholder in Aqua Research for as little as $100!

That’s right — we are raising a Regulation CF round on Netcapital in order to accelerate our growth and bring our lifesaving disinfection technology to a wider audience. As we strive to bring clean water and healthcare services to people around the globe, we are excited to share the opportunity to be a part of our life-changing company with you.

The water industry is a hot space with ROI potential, there is a great need for disinfection solutions, we have assembled a stellar management team with proven M&A experience, and we are continuing to make headway in developing nations and industrial applications around the world. Please share this exciting news with your friends, family, coworkers, and community.

Meet Our New CEO

Gene Rabent, CEO

Aqua Research is preparing for major growth in both the industrial and humanitarian markets and brought Gene Rabent on board in July to lead the company in growing revenue. Gene Rabent has a lengthy career in the water and chemical industry, including chlorine manufacturing and distribution. He helped grow former company Triwater Holdings, driving up shareholder value for a successful exit. His early career was with Akzo-Nobel. Mr. Rabent has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Daemen College and an MBA from Northwestern University.

A word from our CEO:

“First, I would like to say that I am very grateful to our founder Rodney Herrington and our stakeholders for the opportunity to lead this great company. My first impressions are very positive. We have the best available technology for helping to solve the world’s various health issues, including bringing clean drinking water to the developing world, providing safe operation of hospitals, and solving the persistent Legionella issue in cooling towers. We have built the right solution and tested our products under the harshest conditions, and we are now ready to launch our message to the wider marketplace. Our main focus going forward is to get our message out to the market and to continue to build the best team to support our customers no matter where they are.”

Haiti Interested in Evaluating Aqua Research Technology Countrywide

Haiti’s DINEPA (National Directorate for Drinking Water and Sanitation) visits Aqua Research booth

The Director General of DINEPA, Haiti’s equivalent to the USEPA, asked Aqua Research to work together to evaluate the use of the technology across Haiti. DINEPA’s interest was based on prior successes in Haiti with large-scale Aqua Research equipment that supported the USAID Santé project in distributing disinfection to 168 healthcare facilities.

Discussions are underway with Ministers of Health in several other countries to explore Aqua Research technology. Chris Dunston, Aqua Research’s Director of Developing Nations Marketing & Sales, has extensive experience in many countries in Africa, having lived and worked there for 25 years. His previous role at the Hilton Foundation enabled him to fund many NGOs to help introduce chlorine across Africa. Chris re-connected with many of his former colleagues at the Water and Health Conference to discuss applications in the developing world.

Aqua Research Creates Big Buzz at Water & Health Conference

SWAP Lab in Kenya tested the Aqua Research disinfectant

Aqua Research was a sponsor of the October 2022 University of North Carolina Water & Health Conference, a major event for people in the Water, Sanitation, and Health sector (WaSH) with 3,700 registrants from over 120 countries. This annual conference has led to numerous multi-unit sales for Aqua Research in developing nations, confirming the benefits of disinfection on-demand for health care sanitation and drinking water treatment.

Three different companies presented scientific posters on the Aqua Research technology:

To see Aqua Research’s booth display, click on one of the images below:

Activities and Partners in Africa Health Care Sanitation in Haiti PATH in Ghana and Uganda Aqua Research Products Chlorine Aging Study, Kenya

To see the scientific posters from the event, click on one of the images below:

Evicom IoT UNC Scientific Poster PATH UNC Water Chlorination Scientific Poster SWAP & Aqua Research UNC Scientific Poster

Caris Foundation uses Stream systems to produce chlorine for Haiti


Since the initial cases of COVID-19 were detected in countries across the world, Project Santé began ramping up training efforts to inform key stakeholders across Haiti about proactive ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Over the past three weeks, Project Santé has trained hospital workers, community agents, school directors, pastors, businesses, mothers’ clubs, and youth leaders to help disseminate knowledge across all communities. The Santé team has created information pamphlets, posters, audio messages, and videos that all reinforce the same prevention strategies outlined by the MSPP.

“We are determined to make sure our communities are educated on how to handle this virus. We cannot repeat the mistakes we made with cholera,” stated Jean Claude, a school director in Lascahobas, a town only a few kilometers from the epicenter of the cholera epidemic which resulted in almost 10,000 deaths in Haiti.

While there are few confirmed cases of COVID-19 to date in Haiti, Project Santé has already started producing and distributing their own bleach solution to hospital sites that can sterilize the hospitals, clean hands and purify water for drinking. Using a new technology that has been prepositioned to serve all 10 departments, the project is scaling up production to ensure that when hospitals begin to treat patients with COVID-19, they will be equipped to stop the spread of the virus.

“We are working closely with the MSPP and are supporting our 168 hospitals across the country in their time of need,” reinforced Dr. Eugene, Technical Lead of Disaster and Risk Management at Project Santé.

See the original article from USAID: