Haiti Interested in Evaluating Aqua Research Technology Countrywide

Haiti’s DINEPA (National Directorate for Drinking Water and Sanitation) visits Aqua Research booth

The Director General of DINEPA, Haiti’s equivalent to the USEPA, asked Aqua Research to work together to evaluate the use of the technology across Haiti. DINEPA’s interest was based on prior successes in Haiti with large-scale Aqua Research equipment that supported the USAID Santé project in distributing disinfection to 168 healthcare facilities.

Discussions are underway with Ministers of Health in several other countries to explore Aqua Research technology. Chris Dunston, Aqua Research’s Director of Developing Nations Marketing & Sales, has extensive experience in many countries in Africa, having lived and worked there for 25 years. His previous role at the Hilton Foundation enabled him to fund many NGOs to help introduce chlorine across Africa. Chris re-connected with many of his former colleagues at the Water and Health Conference to discuss applications in the developing world.

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