Non-Government Organization Partners

We offer our water purifiers at a significant discount to NGOs who can demonstrate that the ultimate destination is to users in a developing nation with no access to safe water. Moreover, the NGO must agree not to relist the purifiers for sale to the general public, so as not to damage any retail relationships. If your NGO is interested in the H2gO Purifier, please contact us.


PATH is a global nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity. With more than 40 years of experience forging multisector partnerships, and with expertise in science, economics, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales up innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Millennium Water Alliance

The Millennium Water Alliance is a global alliance of leading humanitarian, research, and business organizations that scales and influences sustained water and sanitation services and resilience globally. MWA and its members serve over 50 million people in over 100 countries and are leading advocates for greater water and sanitation commitments by governments and the private sector.

Caris Foundation

Caris Foundation™ is a Texas Non-Profit Private Foundation established in Irving, Texas, in 2002 to aid and empower impoverished people. In doing so, the foundation seeks to establish a local presence within communities in order to understand the people’s basic needs and implement solutions that are culturally relevant and sustainable.

Friar Suppliers

The Friar Suppliers provide food and support for the Franciscan priests, brothers, and sisters in the New York area who have taken a vow of poverty, and conduct a major mission to Haiti each year to build houses for the poor and provide feeding programs for the blind in Haiti as well as thousands of the Haitian poor.

Operation Blessing International

Operation Blessing International (OBI) is one of the largest charities in America, providing strategic disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, safe water, and community development in 23 countries around the world on a daily basis. Their multifold approach to provide safe water solutions worldwide includes chlorination projects, water filters, community water systems, deep water wells, and catchment systems.

Make Water Safe

Nothing is more fundamental to life than access to safe drinking water. That’s why we formed Make Water Safe for the World, Inc. Our mission is to help provide affordable and sustainable water treatment to those who have no access to safe water.  We also support sustainable initiatives and programs that provide for basic necessities while recognizing the dignity of people in need.

The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is a non-profit 501 C3 corporation whose mission is to provide safe water, food, medical, and education to those in need, at home and abroad. The first potable water project was started in the village of Nkungi in Tanzania. The Outreach Program met with the local Water Authorities to see how many boreholes, wells, and pumps were in the Ward or County. To date, The Outreach Program has repaired over 52 pumps, wells, or boreholes in the Tanzania area.

Trusted World

Trusted World builds life-sustaining communities that provide for the basic needs of under-resourced people in underdeveloped regions of the world. Their model first addresses the physical needs of the people, then provides education and vocational opportunities, and finishes by helping to develop a social and economic context for a thriving community.

Technology Partners

If you have a complementary technology or expertise that you believe would be a good match with the H2gO Purifier, please feel free to contact us.

New Scientific Prevention (NSP)          

NSP – is a Japanese company introducing novel water treatment technologies into applications including hot spring facilities, health clubs, hotels, industrial applications, municipal water treatment, and solutions for disasters such as the Fukushima event.  NSP and Aqua Research have formed an alliance to provide these innovative solutions.

Miox Corporation

MIOX Corporation (a DeNora Company) of Albuquerque, NM is focused on solving one of the world’s most pressing issues: the need for affordable, safe, and healthy water disinfection. MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and hypochlorite generators combine salt, water, and power to generate cost-effective disinfectant chemistries on site. The on-site chemical generation process replaces the need to purchase, transport, and store dangerous chemicals. Rodney Herrington was one of the founders of the MIOX Corporation in 1994 and originally invented the first generation MSR MIOX Purifier. He subsequently developed the second H2gO Purifier for drinking water treatment.

CampWater Industries

Arctic villages and work camps, jungle war-torn communities, typhoon-ravaged villages in the Philippines; these are typical places to find CampWater drinking water units. We fight water-borne diseases in the simplest way possible, yet complex as necessary. Light, portable, no-nonsense water treatment, that’s our passion.

Aqua Membranes, Inc.

Aqua Membranes, Inc. offers an innovation in reverse osmosis technology that can provide up to twice as much membrane surface area in the same size footprint while reducing biofouling and associated maintenance requirements. These benefits are realized by eliminating the mesh feed spacer in conventional RO membranes, achieving the required spacer gap by applying physical patterns directly onto the membrane by a variety of techniques. Aqua Membranes has validated this technology with a leading national laboratory and is interested in working with membrane element manufacturers and RO system fabricators to implement this technology worldwide.

Envicom Corporation

Envicom Corporation (Envicom) is a United States Small Business Enterprise (SBE) organization located in California. We are currently working on WASH projects located in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Central African Republic, DRC, Tanzania and Zambia. Envicom has extensive experience in creating custom web-GIS applications for WASH that function within low bandwidth environments, integrating with data modules such as offline/a-sync mobile-GIS applications, automated reports, dashboards, IoT and fleet management, and workflow management. We are dedicated to providing novel methods of collecting automated data within highly resource constrained environments. Our developers have decades of experience between them, with the capability to build sensors from scratch to minimize costs.