Water treatment expert Michael Fehr shares his experiences with mixed-oxidant solution (MOS) for cooling tower disinfection versus conventional bleach, stabilized bromine, and BCDMH. MOS used 20% to 25% less chlorine, was the only disinfection technology for which neither algae nor Legionella was detected, and consistently maintained microorganisms below 100 CFU/ml, even at high pH levels.

— Michael Fehr, Owner of Fehr Solutions, LLC — Water Treatment Services and Consulting

“I travel all over the world, particularly areas where clean water is an issue. The MIOX Pen was, and still is, my main emergency backup. The H2gO will be even better once I can get my hands on one! It is a great product.”
–Carey Moots, Owner of Moots Productions Inc. and award-winning
photographer/producer for NBC Dateline, CBS 48 Hours, ABC 60 Minutes & 20/20,
National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel

“I got to test a prototype H2gO Purifier on a 21 day rafting trip with 13 people down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon September 2012. It was really convenient to have the option to treat any size container, from a 1L Nalgene to several 7 gallon jugs. Treating water with the H2gO was quick and easy – no pumps, no filters, just add and go. I treated at least 80 gallons before I had to recharge the battery. Having the purifier on hand gave us extra confidence in our water supply, whatever the source.”
–Kevin Roderick, Outdoor Adventurer and Technical Director for the H2gO Purifier

“I am an avid backpacker and I take adventure trips as frequently as possible. It seems that pure water is always an issue. In third world countries, you can’t even trust bottled water if it is available. I have been using the SteriPen with a solar charger which has thus far been the best option, but the charger is big, on the heavy side and takes a long time to charge. I am always looking for a system which is more efficient, smaller, lighter, simpler and easy. I am very excited to learn about the H2gO which seems to fit all those criteria. I can’t wait until it is available for sale…I will be first in line.”
–Dr. David Chagala, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

“I have provided technical assistance and evaluation of development and emergency water treatment projects in over 40 developing countries in the last 12 years. I am looking forward to testing the H2gO Purifier in Haiti, to assess the effectiveness of this sustainable device in reducing the risk of waterborne cholera.”
–Daniele Lantagne, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Tufts University

After the earthquake in Nepal we deployed some of the first production H2GOs into remote areas that were severely affected. We were working in communities where the villagers were storing dirty water in filthy plastic bottles after their homes were destroyed. After getting trapped in one of those communities after a landslide, Diego and I exhausted our personal water supply and personally used H2GO’s to purify water given to us by the villagers. We never got sick. We distributed approximately 30 units in those communities and provided training. On a follow-up visit the villagers had been faithfully using the H2GO’s and had zero reports of stomach illness despite only using their dirty water rations for weeks.
–David Darg Operation Blessing International VP International Operations

Operation Blessing Kenya community health workers each carry an H2GO and use them to purify water at each home they visit and provide education on the importance of purification.
–David Darg Operation Blessing International VP International Operations

After Hurricane Matthew, Operation Blessing Haiti distributed 125 H2GO devices and provided full training to community health agents in their use. We have not had a single complaint nor have received any reports of problems with the devices.
–Eric Lotz, Operation Blessing Haiti Country Director     

Dear Aqua Research Team:
We just got home from a 3 week trip in a remote part of northeastern India, and used the H2gO Purifier as our exclusive water purification system during the whole trip.
The system is easy to use, with uncomplicated instructions, and best of all — IT DID WHAT IT PROMISED!
Before the trip, we had a bit of difficult finding 1 liter multi-use bottles for purchase here in our home town (Lubbock) — but they had them at Sprouts.
We recommended the purifier to others while on the trip, and it sure beats the $80.00 filter bottles we purchased 2 years ago for use in a remote part of Guatemala! We do a number of trips each year to remote parts of the world to teach pastors and leaders — and this purifier is going to help us NOT spend time fighting to find clean drinking water!
Thank you so much for your research and persistence in bringing this product to market!
It worked amazingly well!
God bless you guys!!!
–Dalton & Vicki Jantzen, Founders 30 60 100 Ministries, Inc.