Why H2gO?


If you’ve ever purified water on a camping trip, traveled internationally where the water is known to be unsafe, been worried about a natural disaster, or seen how people live in emerging countries, then you know that there are a lot of water treatment options out there that will do the job, but they all have their limitations – lots of pumping, potential to clog, expensive, small treatment volumes, bad-tasting water, too much effort, uncertain results, etc. That’s why we designed H2gO.

Easy. The H2gO Purifier can generate disinfectant within minutes with just a couple clicks of a button to treat anywhere from 1 liter up to 20 liters (¼ gallon to 5 gallons) at a time. There is no maintenance or cleaning required.

Economical. Depending on the model selected, this device will treat over 60,000 to 124,000 liters (16,000 to 32,000 gallons) of water for an inexpensive purchase price and no operational cost.

Sustainable. There is no ongoing cost, no consumables (other than common salt), no battery replacement, and no resupply logistics. The H2gO Purifier includes an integrated solar panel, offering peace of mind in case there is no access to electricity.

Compact. It is the smallest and lightest personal purifier on the market at 108 grams (3.8 ounces), about 1/4 the weight of a microfilter and 1/5 the size, even with the integrated solar panel, two salt storage chambers, and an LED flashlight.

Effective. The H2gO Purifier kills all classes of organisms – viruses, bacteria, and Giardia in 30 minutes and Cryptosporidium in 4 hours when dosed per instructions.

Durable. The H2gO Purifier was designed to meet military specifications. It can survive a 2-meter (6-foot) drop, freeze/thaw cycles, and is waterproof up to 18 meters (60 feet).

Versatile. The H2gO Purifier can be used for small or large quantities, short or long trips, individuals or groups, and clear water or cloudy. It has neat extras like a built-in flashlight.

One battery charge can provide a group of 4 with enough water for 1 to 2 weeks.

Why Chlorine?

The H2gO Purifier uses a small amount of electricity to convert salt into a chlorine and hydrogen peroxide disinfectant solution. The combination of chlorine and hydrogen peroxide is more effective than chlorine alone. Although this device is not a filter, it will kill all varieties of microorganisms, even in water that is cloudy. Many municipalities use the same technology in large scale to provide the chlorine disinfection required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In fact, the EPA, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend chlorine-based disinfection because of the lasting disinfectant properties that keep stored water safe and prevent recontamination of water in pipelines.

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, the chlorine-based “Safe Water System” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/WHO is one of the most successful intervention models in developing nations. The Safe Water System disinfects water with a mild chlorine bleach solution that is supplied on a regular basis to each user. The H2gO Purifier can easily generate the chlorine on site, achieving true sustainability through the elimination of logistics and expensive consumables. The H2gO Purifier GLOBAL follows the chlorine dosing guidelines recommended by CDC and WHO, minimizing chlorine taste in the water while still providing ample disinfection.

As a standalone device, the H2gO Purifier GLOBAL meets WHO’s standards for water quality. When paired with the appropriate sand filter or microfilter, the H2gO Purifier GLOBAL can meet even the highest standards for water quality. Likewise, the H2gO Purifier PRIME meets EPA’s standards for water quality as a standalone device.


Technologies for Developed Nations
Comparison of Water Treatment Technologies for Users from Developed Nations

Technologies for Emerging NationsComparison of Water Treatment Technologies for Users in Emerging Nations

Financial Comparison of Water Purification Options for Various VolumesFinancial Comparison of Water Treatment Technologies


  • The H2gO Puriifer retails for $99.  The device lasts in excess of 60,000 L with no replacement parts required.
  • The MSR MiniWorks Filter is the market leader and retails for $90.  It requires a new $40 filter cartridge after around 2,000 L.
  • The SteriPEN Freedom retails for $120. The batteries are rechargeable. The device lasts for 4,000 L.
  • The SteriPEN Classic retails for $70.  It requires 4 lithium AA batteries after 95 L, costing about $8 for the set of 4.  The device lasts for 4,000 L.
  • Potable Aqua iodine (I2) tablets $6.75 per bottle, contain 50 tablets per bottle, and require 2 tablets per L.  This equates to a cost of $0.27 per L treated.
  • Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) tablets, under both the Katadyn Micropur and the Potable Aqua brand names, cost $13 for 30 tablets. 1 tablet is required per L, equating to a cost of $0.43 per L treated.

Comparison of H2gO Purifier vs MSR MIOX Purifier
Comparison of H2gO Purifier PRIME vs MSR MIOX Purifier