Meet Our New CEO

Gene Rabent, CEO

Aqua Research is preparing for major growth in both the industrial and humanitarian markets and brought Gene Rabent on board in July to lead the company in growing revenue. Gene Rabent has a lengthy career in the water and chemical industry, including chlorine manufacturing and distribution. He helped grow former company Triwater Holdings, driving up shareholder value for a successful exit. His early career was with Akzo-Nobel. Mr. Rabent has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Daemen College and an MBA from Northwestern University.

A word from our CEO:

“First, I would like to say that I am very grateful to our founder Rodney Herrington and our stakeholders for the opportunity to lead this great company. My first impressions are very positive. We have the best available technology for helping to solve the world’s various health issues, including bringing clean drinking water to the developing world, providing safe operation of hospitals, and solving the persistent Legionella issue in cooling towers. We have built the right solution and tested our products under the harshest conditions, and we are now ready to launch our message to the wider marketplace. Our main focus going forward is to get our message out to the market and to continue to build the best team to support our customers no matter where they are.”

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