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Our innovative disinfection technology offers superior microorganism kill rates, improved safety, and reduced operating costs for both the developing world and industry. Our products use common salt to make a potent chlorine-based solution within minutes for water treatment and surface sanitation.

Our systems can produce disinfectant in the most challenging settings, including remote healthcare facilities in developing nations where purchased chlorine is difficult to obtain. As confirmed by the world’s leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Ministries of Health, our technology has proven to eliminate supply chain issues, allowing users to have a consistent supply of fresh chlorine to improve health outcomes.

For industrial applications, our disinfectant has been shown to eliminate biofilm that harbors disease-causing Legionella in cooling and piping systems. Product operating cost is many times less expensive than the hazardous biocides that are commonly used today.


Sizes range from point-of-use devices for family, community, and healthcare treatment to industrial-scale systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

H2gO Purifier STREAM SPRING AR Series K Series

Why Do We Need Sustainable Water Purification Solutions?


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