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If you are interested in ordering significant quantities of any of our units, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly. Alternately contact us at 505-414-3929.

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    5 thoughts on “Large Orders Form

      1. Talynn Turner

        Thanks for checking us out Marie. This product is indeed helpful. Let me know how I can further help you! We would love to help you make an impact wherever you are by bringing safe water to those in need.

      2. Lois Warren

        Yes the H2gO Purifier is very helpful. Are you or have you every been under a boil water notice? The H2gO Purifier can solve that problem. Treat the water yourself just like your municipal water treatment facility would. Reach out at for more information.

        Thank you,


      1. Lois Warren

        Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still interested in selling the H2gO Purifiers in Mexico? We have the H2gO Hand Held disinfectant generators, STREAM and larger systems. Please reach out for more information at
        Thank you,
        Lois Warren


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