Making Water Safe Throughout the World

Aqua Research is a for-profit organization that works with numerous Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to provide our life-saving technologies for those in need. Donations can be made directly through multiple NGO groups we work closely with, Friar Suppliers, Make Water Safe for the World, Operation Blessing International, Caris Foundation, Water4, PATH, or Catholic Relief Services.

Aqua Research grants significant discounts to proven humanitarian charities as named above: when purchasing our products. These discounts enable charities to stretch their donor-dollars farther, which helps them provide safe water in numerous places. We encourage you to designate donations to one or more of these outstanding organizations and support them to provide safe water efforts by utilizing products like H2gO and STREAM.

Recent examples of donated supplies include Nepal, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico, India, various countries in Africa, Europe, and many others.

Videos on our website produced by NGOs testify to the life-saving value of our technology. The H2gO Purifier can provide a family 10 gallons per day of safe drinking water for ten years, for nothing more than 50 cents per year with common salt. The STREAM system can treat up to 60,000 gallons of drinking water per day for communities, orphanages, hospitals, or other settings, or can provide volumes of disinfectant for sanitizing health care facilities to meed World Health Organization (WHO) standards for cleaning and sanitizing.

Thank you for supporting our partners and mission to make safe water accessible to those who need It most. 

You may contribute directly to Aqua Research to help us distribute these life-saving technologies, but these donations are not tax deductible, as they would be for a donation to the NGOs noted above. For a direct donation to Aqua Research, please click on the following button: