Aqua Research Hosts Signing of New Mexico Angels Tax Credit Extension Bill

Rodney Herrington CEO of Aqua Research presents NM Gov Martinez with her personal H2gO Purifier

It was a pleasure for Aqua Research to host Governor Susana Martinez and Economic Development Department Secretary Jon Barela at the Bio Science Center on June 15 for the signing of the New Mexico Angels Tax Credit Extension Bill. Every one of my New Mexico investors told me that the investment tax credit was extra incentive to invest in promising New Mexico start-ups like ours. Not only does it help entrepreneurs with great ideas to develop new technologies and market opportunities, but it also has an early ripple effect into the community. While we only have 5 employees at right now, we also hire a significant number of contractors who help us with specific projects, or local vendors who supply or make parts for our development projects, which allowed us to bring our H2gO Purifier to market more quickly. The H2gO Purifier is an example of the kinds of outstanding products that entrepreneurs in New Mexico are creating with the help of local investors.


Nepal Relief Workers Drink Their Own “Medicine”

Delivering supplies to disaster victims entails compassion, innovation and courage. Moving food and H2gO Purification devices to Nepalese in some of the most remote areas of the country, Operation Blessing VP David Darg and his team had to leave the main truck, most of the supplies and most of the water behind as they forged ahead. Relying on local water sources, relief workers and villages shared water purified using H2gO and the few supplies available when they first reached the village, and all were spared suffering water borne illnesses as they worked to return village life to near normal.

Watch the video:

News from the front lines of Nepal. We are thrilled H2gO Purifiers are making a difference in this terrible disaster.

Aqua Research designed the H2gO Purifier to provide safe drinking water for a variety of situations. One of the most desperate is disaster relief where normal life is disrupted for extended periods of time. We are grateful to see the impact our small but rugged device is having for victims of the Nepalese earthquake. David Darg, Operation Blessing VP of International Operations recently wrote us to let us know that our devices were saving lives in the remote reaches of Nepal:Sent: Friday, May 01, 2015 11:25 PMSubject: More Nepalese protected with H2GORodney,

We continue press farther into remote areas and are met with massive destruction and people in urgent need.  Villagers have lost everything and most are relaying on an unsafe water supply.  The H2GO units continue to be a big hit and are now protecting almost 800 Nepalese earthquake victims on a daily basis.  We have many more to distribute, you made a great lifesaving product my friend. Thanks!