Aqua Research LLC provides innovative technology to make water safe, whether its from a stream in the back country, a rural community in Haiti, or in a disaster situation. 

Today more than ever access to clean water is a crucial issue. Populations are expanding, while water sources are being depleted and water quality is growing worse globally. Worldwide water use is growing twice as fast as population increase. Water is necessary for both agriculture and industry, and water is also inextricably tied to energy. Without water, not only do populations go thirsty; economic progress and growth is also stalled.

Our most popular device, the handheld electrolytic water purifier; the H2gO. The H2gO provides fast, consistent, on-the-spot doses of disinfectant.

Although water is a constant supply, it is only through innovation that access to water will increase. Technologies such as filtration, chlorination, distillation, or reverse osmosis for desalination offer a solution to the growing water crisis. However, these technologies must be made ever more affordable and reliable in order to provide sustainable solutions.

Aqua Research LLC was formed to meet these types of technology needs. We specialize in product innovations that serve those in poor economic settings and disaster relief, and that are sustainable, improve usability, decrease cost, and reduce energy consumption. We take ideas and turn them into reality.

We offer the expertise to connect the manufacturer with the necessary field studies, regulatory approvals, and sales channels to make the technology accessible to the global consumer. Through the generosity of investors and our customer base, we have been able to save thousands of lives and only aim to save thousands more through our water purification technologies.