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Aqua Research LLC develops innovative water treatment technologies and commercializes those technologies for a variety of markets. Additionally, Aqua Research will design and develop technologies for clients for their specific applications or for their markets. Aqua Research also provides consulting services for evaluation of innovative state-of-the-art water treatment technologies. For these consulting services, we may collaborate with other water experts to ensure that client’s needs are met. Our expertise primarily resides in electrolytic technologies that produce disinfectants from salt-water solutions, to a variety of membrane filtration technologies.

Due to the unique application, size and variability of the market, a sister company, Aqua Membranes focuses on commercialization of innovative spiral wound membrane elements utilizing feed and permeate spacers 3D printed directly on the membrane surface. Information on this technology can be found at

Point of Use Technologies

While we have a strong interest in developing technologies appropriate for those in low-income settings, we also develop commercial scale technologies. An example of some of the products developed or in development for low income settings include the H2gO Purifier, the Micro Purifier, the Stream community chlorinator, and the Oasis ultra filter water storage system.

Uses common salt and solar power to make water safe for a family for 10 years. Uses common salt and a USB rechargeable battery to make 100 liters of water safe per charge. 500 charges. Makes disinfectant from common salt to treat 240,000 liters per day. 110/220 VAC, 12 VDC or solar panel. Oasis – 20 liter container with an ultra filter to remove virus, bacteria, protozoa and dirt from found sources of water.

H2gO info here

Commercial Technologies

For commercial markets, Aqua Research is developing a variety of products for potable water, wastewater, cooling towers, aquatics, and industrial applications. We also offer sales of replacement components for legacy on-site chlorine generation systems. Typically, our designs fully integrate with existing systems, but have been updated to address issues associated with those legacy systems. Examples of components and products in production or development to meet the needs of our clients include those shown in the following chart.

Spare parts for legacy on-site generators K1 On-site Generator – 1 and 2 Kg per day chlorine K Series On-site Generators – 3 to 11 Kg per day chlorine K 22-44 Series On-site Generators – 22 to 44 Kg per day chlorine

Aqua Research continually expands its intellectual property portfolio in many markets worldwide.

Other Services

Product Commercialization

Even after products have been developed and tested, taking the product to market involves another series of steps. Feedback must be solicited from end users to determine the final form factor and various interface requirements. Customer needs and applications must be considered to understand the requirements that need to be met before a product can be sold. These requirements may include regulatory approvals, such as NSF International; industry certifications, such as UL in the United States, CSA in Canada, or CE in Europe; third-party proof of efficacy; and pilot studies in the field. The technology owner may need to find a manufacturing partner or may need assistance on sourcing materials. Product manuals, specification sheets, and warranties need to be written. Sales and distribution channels need to be evaluated and explored. Aqua Research LLC can assist with all of the steps needed to take a product from early stage development to the end user.

Technology Evaluation

Consulting services includes evaluation and pilot testing of early stage technologies, wherein Aqua Research LLC will determine operational limitations and prove commercial viability (or lack thereof) of the technology. This service will help ensure that early stage technologies are properly vetted to ensure that subsequent funding rounds are optimally applied, or can be diverted to more promising alternatives if the technology does not show commercial promise.

Consulting Services

Other services include assistance with obtaining government contracts, regulatory compliance and approvals, sales team training and education, and engineering and installation assistance.