New Location, New Ideas

Hello Everyone,

We have changed locations and now are located at

5601-C Midway Park Place NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109.

We are excited to have a larger space and are working to utilize our new facilities to best serve the needs of our customers. With larger space has come larger inspiration, innovation, and production. We hope that you all continue to support us in our mission to reach developing and water-stressed communities, and suggest you check out our donation page for opportunities to make an impact.

We are looking for willing individuals to post reviews, comments, photos, and more as we start to search for qualified brand ambassadors for the H2gO. If you love the outdoors or travel individually or with a missions team, inquire about brand ambassadorship to get great perks and help us spread the word!

Call 505-414-3929 or email



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