Brand Ambassador Program

The H2gO Brand Ambassador Program


We are excited to welcome you into a community who sees the bigger picture of who we are and what we do at Aqua Research, LLC. We don’t want to just make sales. We want to inspire fun, adventure, and most of all save lives with our technology. As a Brand Ambassador, your role is simply to promote these values and be the face of our brand. The H2gO Purifier is the smallest point-of-use water purifier on the market, and we are excited to share it with those who will promote not only the product, but its global impact.

Our Mission

Aqua Research LLC’s mission is to offer affordable and sustainable lifesaving water technology to developing nations where the median income is less than $2 a day, to support disaster relief and humanitarian aid, and offer the same technology to the outdoor community through commercial markets and retail sales to promote a healthy and adventurous lifestyle.

Benefits of Brand Ambassadorship

  1. Free H2gO water purifiers.
  2. Commission on products.
  3. Perks, including coupons, gift cards, and event tickets.
  4. Personal resume building and recognition.
  5. Promotion of your individual pursuits.

Requirements for Becoming and Brand Ambassador

In 250 words or less, please tell us why you are a great candidate for representing our brand in these areas:

  • You have a passion for being outdoors, or love international travel, or regularly volunteer in austere conditions where safe water is a constant concern.
  • You have an influence within a social network. You don’t have to have thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook, but you do need to have a great way to spread news about how you use the H2gO.
  • You are excited, friendly, and sociable!
  • You agree with and desire to support the mission and vision of Aqua Research, LLC.
  • When finished, email summary to

Steps to Success

     I.          Apply to Become a Brand Ambassador

After writing a 250 word summary of who you are and why you are a fitting addition to our team, we will give you access codes, gifts, and discounts to welcome you on board. (Expect a shout-out on social media welcoming you to the team!)

  II.          Purchase your Water Purifier

First, to show you are committed, we will offer you a purifier at 50% off. With your $50 purifier, you can get a start on trying it out, reviewing on social media, and promoting it to your friends. With every friend that purchases a purifier YOU get $10 back. Only 5 people in your circle need to make a purchase until your purifier is free! Already purchased your purifier? Then you are on to the next steps!

III.          Continue Making Commission

Continue making your $10 commission when you share our brand with your friends and your network, and build your reputation as a passionate outdoor leader or humanitarian by giving trusted advice, referrals, and samples.

IV.           Be Creative, Have Fun

Participate in monthly challenges including photo contests, trip logging, videography, interviews and more. We want to reward and encourage you regularly with small gifts and rewards, in addition to some great perks! Perks include sponsored events to attend in your area, gift cards to your choice of stores, and more. Larger perks will include signing up other brand ambassadors and representatives! Our small creative team at Aqua Research will keep it personal and fun for you! But we will also challenge you to be your best and get out there to experience the world to share it with others.


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